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Yes, dear reader, I went jogging in the cold and wet this morning. It was vile and cold and muddy in the usual places. Only moreso. And had to dip feet in river on way back to get rid of most of the mud, so I audibly squelch all the way up to the lock. Thames very swollen, as in less than a foot below the bank edge. which admittedly isn't that out of character for winter, given that it has a habit of flooding the, er, floodplain.

Anyway. Less people than usual (but the requisite usual masochists). Still amused by one dog who bounced up on me. I love how owners apologise, and the joggers tend to go 'you have noticed how sweaty/wet and muddy I am, right? The dog is cleaner than I am.') And got back on Mapledurham Drive, the road from Purley to the lock. Came across a jogger just starting out, doing stretches. Cue me automatically going into the joggers' report. 'Right, the stream under the bridge is only about a foot below the bridge and rising. Generally only mildly boggy, no big puddles, not very splashy... but the mud by the second field gate is worse and you can't go round it due to the farmer putting up the electric fence to stop the cows going in the river.' Took socks and shoes off when I got in and apparently it looked like I'd had fake tan applied, I was so dirty.

Figured out where in the nano I can put Roman soldiers outbreak at Caerleon. Peter's on leave and they get the mad call whilst leaving the teashop. Gideon keeps trying to give me advice for fighting army vs army with lots of space and possibly horses. er, I have four torchwood agents and an army officer...? There's guns, longsword and longbows available.


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Nov. 24th, 2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
For Romans, shields+personal body armour likely to make pistol fire non-lethal (reaction to gunshots another matter of course). Rifles would punch through, though.

If early period they'd have gladiuses, but from 1st century AD the front rank at least would have spatha, or long swords that served as the template for swords the next twelve, thirteen centuries (e.g. blade comparable with the ones I play with, though with distinct stabby point).

Best bet is co-ordinated spears to their faces/legs, or arrows. If the buggers have their big shields they tend to hunker down and only leave a small slit between helmet and shield to look out through.

If it's modern Caerleon, rob a convenience store of Fairy liquid and water bottles (unless it's raining... oh, Wales, never mind). Roman sandals had hobnails, but on paving slabs or cobbles they'd still be unable to keep formation and footing.
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