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Real names for UK holidays:

 Winter chocolate
Dress up in the name of some bloke.
Spring chocolate
Barbecue & festivals
Horror-themed sweets & partying
Winterfest drink, week-long food & tv coma, relatives 
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au fic ideas. also a new fic.

 AUs we need more of:
Political.  Presidential candidate Rogers, running mate Barnes.  I am also in favour of one where Senator Rogers is the candidate and Barnes is husband or security.  (aka Look, if Sebastian Stan will keep getting cast as the horrendously tortured gay addict son of the president/king, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT.) Bonus points for an appearance of Bucky's mum played by Sigourney Weaver.
Comic artist Steve.  I'm happy with pre-war Steve doing mad pulp comics, or him becoming the artist for the Captain America comics (Simon and Kirby started it in December 1940 (cover March '41) even though they didn't enter the war until '42) you could even have him taking over from them when they moved to DC comics at the end of '41, Steve being an artist for Captain America until he meets up with Erskine, him making it home from the war and getting a job as the artist...
BNF Avengers.  By which I am most in favour of still-being-Avengers and being BNFs in their spare time. Coulson is almost certainly a BNF of Captain America and Howling Commandos fandom in canon, at least pre-Avengers Assembled.  C'mon, Tony started writing Cap fic as a rebellion against his dad.  You know he did.  Steve starts posting Captain America and Howling Commandos art and cartoons, encouraged by Coulson, and complimented for his classic style and clearly influenced by Steve Rogers' style.  (added bonus for Tony finding out due to the raving about it and that ) 
And in the midst of this AU musing, I started another snippet-fic.
<a href=>Welcome to the Future, No Smoking Inside</a> - it's on part 2 right now.  In which Steve wakes up from the freeze and and finds himself chatting to a SHIELD agent on a break between welcome to the future briefings. In which Bucky was born in the present day.
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stating the bleeding obvious

 watching one of those Stonehenge specials, hoping for a nugget of new info. (you watch enough of these, the programs are 3-5% interesting new angle/discovery, 40% dramatic reconstruction/bad graphics, 55-57% yawn) I did get it, but only right near the beginning, about the outer circle of bluestones that pre-date the sarsens that’re basically gravestones which very few of these ever touch on, and later insights into the analysing techniques they’re using. (always fascinating)

Apart from the giant ‘fuck you and your complete ignorance of a lot of army make-up throughout history’ when they said that ‘the presence of both sexes rules out the skeletons being warriors/army or a priesthood’, I spent a large amount of time rolling my eyes when it got onto the actual use of Stonehenge.

A few years back they started talking about the fact that the area around 
Stonehenge for most of the year was tiny population and then became ground zero for the solstice festivals in these programs.

The analysis of pig teeth and human teeth showed how far people had come from and where. How many people. The short period of time the site was used for each year. The fact that so much food was being consumed and roasted up that loads was being thrown away. The rubbish. The sheer amount of preparation that went into this. Stonehenge being a destination for partying/observance. and that all this was AMAZING and UNIQUE.

To which I sit here and go ‘None of you fuckers excavating and analysing come from a festival town, do you?’

I come from Reading, in Berkshire. For the past several decades we’ve hosted a music festival on the last weekend of August and been doing it longer than most. Thousands of people descend from all over Britain and the world, party their heads off for a few days, then go home, a lot poorer, covered in paint, mud, clutching some utterly random souvenir and unbelievably hungover. The town has been doing this for so long that we have a system for doing this. The locals actually work on auto-pilot - the construction of the site starts in late spring/early summer, the supermarkets get stock in and re-arrange, the barriers and signs go up, etc. Locals not working the festival stay out of town for the weekend, the festival goers leave, the site gets cleaned up. This happens every year. Around the world and across the millennia of human civilisation, there have been festival towns where a big fuck-off festival happened once a year or every couple of years where people descend to party. San Diego for Comic-Con. Olympus. Mecca. Leeds. Glastonbury.

Seriously. I was ticking off every item they talked about and going 'Well, duh?'

'They travelled for a month with all these goods!'
'They do that.'
'The sheer amount of food consumed!'
'Partied solid for three days!'
'It was a tiny village that somehow accommodated a population explosion!'
'You have the cash, we have the experience.'
'Clearly organised!'
'You want it disorganised?'
'What part of festival town DO YOU NOT GET?'

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catching up on my comics after a few months of not reading them.

 So far, young Avengers - I spent so much time *smiling*. and then being a bit teary. *happy sigh*

Wonder Woman is GLORIOUS and horrific and family quabbles on an epic scale of beings that are *not like you* and the horror end of Greek mythology and I’m in love. Also, Diana, when not actively fighting or about to start one and is just hanging around or having a cuppa in a cafe, shoves her tiara up as a headband and wears a coat over the bathing suit. There are a few of these coats, but there is a distinct fondness for white, funnel necks and short burberry-style macs. verrrrry stylish, a distinct look and makes so much sense for someone who doesn’t have a secret identity and is always battle ready. *spoiler* the bracers she wears? Actually cage her power. Remove them and it, er, escalates a tad into the glowing eyes and crackling power around her, which fits for the whole god and demi gods only being human shaped thing the current run has.

Batwoman: oh, it was complex and interwoven and double-crossing and FAMILY and learning and limits and pushing through them and fucking up and learning and PTSD all round and broken and recovering and coming back harder and how being a military family fucks your reactions to normal life and paranoia levels and sneaking and creepy and spooky and haunted house and… then DC pissed off JH Williams and Blackman one time too many and they left, leaving the entire DEO storyline and Batman hunt dangling. And the issue after that is … generic Gotham tinged vigilante heist and washed out pale copies of our characters that are *nothing* like the ones we knew, don’t even speak or react like them. Kate and Bette are not Nightwing and Spoiler on a bouncy day, Andreyko. Sorry.

The thing about catching up in chunks is noticing all the ads. Aside from the really annoying new 52 newsreader update at the end of each issue - which is annoying, we’re not going to pick up stuff with a two second gossip-style newsbite on every character in the ‘verse but easy to skip. Preview short stories at the back, yes, not a 60 second news update. And there are a *lot* of adverts for crossover/theme months. …Villains month? seriously? How is that different from usual aside from the likelihood of random villain popping in and not having owt to do with the currently running storyline? and crossovers tend to be more annoying than anything, because you suddenly have this issue where nothing makes sense with story arcs beginning in a comic elsewhere that you don’t get. Which doesn’t smack of gimmick desperation at all, honest.

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Nanowrimo 2014

 No Seriously, Fuck TH White and Mallory

A tale of Arthur and Merlin on their latest reincarnation as avatars of Britain.  Only they're not sure what they're supposed to be averting this lifetime given that they're running a café in a seaside town in Cornwall.  Still, at least it can't be as weird as that time Arthur was a plumber.

The most that's happened to it is that it was spellchecked, and will probably contain my usual levels of getting sidetracked by utterly random things.
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Theatre list :

(I think this is complete)
Sleeping Beauty, Sadlers (Bourne)
Kiss me Kate, Old Vic (Hannah Waddingham)
Macbeth, Trafalgar Studios (James McAvoy & Claire Foy)
Lift, Soho Theatre (Julie Atherton)
If You Don't Let Us Dream, Royal Court
Romeo & Juliet, Globe
Tempest, Globe (Colin Morgan & Roger Allam)
Midsummer Night's Dream, Globe
Othello, National Theatre (Rory Kinnear & Adrian Lester)
Indian Tempest, Globe
A Season in the Congo, Young Vic (Chiwetel Ejiofor)
The Pride, Trafalgar Studios (Hayley Atwell & Harry Hadden-Paton)
Zoo Nation Unplugged, Sadlers Wells
Macbeth, Globe
Blue Stockings, Globe
Scottsboro Boys, Young Vic
Mojo, Harold Pinter (Colin Morgan, Ben Whishaw, Rupert Grint)
Of these, highlights were... James Mcavoy in Macbeth, Sleeping Beauty, Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, A Season in the Congo, Blue Stockings, Scottsboro Boys.  Several made me cry, some made the audience yell, some left you with a gaping hole in your chest, and some left the audience going 'ow. ow.  pulled something due to laughing too hard.'
Sexiest actor: John Light as Oberon
Hurt myself laughing: Midsummer Night's Dream
Best new play: Blue Stockings
Stole the show: Rory Kinnear, Othello
oh god oh no transformation: Daniel Kaluuya as Mobutu, Season in the Congo
Newbie: Jessie Buckley as Miranda, Tempest
New insight into old text: Halfway between Mcavoy and Foy having lost the baby and her nightmares being completely par for the course for post-apocalyptic setting, and Midsummer making explicit the defeat of the Amazons and forced marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta and her finding ways to undermine him.

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They shall not grow old

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.

Suicide in the Trenches, Siegfried Sassoon.
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Things learned camping:


All food (and crockery) is communal; stuff is cooked, the plate is then passed around the group or put in the centre.  Plate is also re-used if stuff is done in portions (eg bacon sandwiches).  Cook’s word is law.  You also feel a bit like you’re yelling ‘come to the cookhouse door!’

Each night, when saying goodnight, especially if wending your way through the tents as everyone’s getting ready for bed, someone will start the ‘G’night John Boy.’ patter.  Even if none of us have ever seen the original show.

Keeping stuff dry is actually *more* pressing than keeping stuff clean. You can clean something quickly, though that normally waits until the last minute - and is also communal. Drying takes *forever*.

The frying pan and grill were a major step in human evolution.

Wasp hunting and trapping is a way of life and a continual pasttime.

Books are nice but you’ll never manage to read more than a few pages at a time before someone’s interrupting you.

Gazebos/shelters you can stand up and congregate in (preferably with a table and seats) during rain: worth their weight in gold.

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today in cafe

Me:'...I just write AUs, don't I?  I never actually write canon.  AUs with meticulously researched random tiny details.'
Jane: *patpat* 'But good AUs.'

(apparently I  wrote canon in Torchwood and I used to write it in Angel.  only the Torchwood would be case fic, so...)
bored nao

writing ponderings

 yes, I did just do a quick-n-dirty keyword search on ao3 to see if anyone else had done this...

had a drought since I completed Daughter of the Dragonlord, aside from not-really-going anywhere future bits which normally involve a lot of angsting and spinning wheels as expansion bits normally do for me.  I know they're crap, it gets them out of my head.  (these were mostly Mithian going 'I'm marrying Arthur and ohhh shit how's Merlin going to take this no matter how much she's avowed that she likes me and has no romantic interest in my husband-to-be she's had his firstborn'.)  Then wrote a bit of angst about Ben and Keira from my Infernal Affairs-MI13 verse.    In desperation and wanting to write something that wasn't wheel-spinning angst, flicked through notebooks to look for those one-line ideas I sometimes write at the top of pages.  This morning one went 'so, if we take *this* and add that old fic idea...'

Yeah.  So pondering Exploring Officer Charles and Raven.  He's an adrenaline junkie telepath!  She's a shapeshifter!  Back home they're the oh-so-respectable brother-and-sister Xaviers, mostly concerned with parties! Together, they gather intelligence in the Peninsular Wars!  

And yes, Erik and Charles totally had a torrid affair back in London, only Erik thought he was a complete fop who he really shouldn't have been that fond of, given how shallow and spoilt Charles was and Erik's permanent outsider status in society as Eastern European Jewish.  Cue him coming across Charles and Raven in a foxhole.

:headdesk:  oh dear lord, now I'm suddenly getting bits from that original regency fic I wrote where the couple couldn't stop arguing in public but had got engaged in secret ages ago...