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Battlestar Starfury con report

Right, finally getting round to some sort of report on Battlestar Starfury...

First, fun. Lots of fun. And fucking freezing outside - permafrost on ground. Various people sick/poorly during weekend due to some bug, and Taz threw up on the sheets on friday night - cue me swearing a blind streak at her. Fortunately it didn't smell and the maids were nice about it 9probably because we apologised profusely). I'd forgotten how bland and tasteless Thistle buffet is - to the point that I was craving mcmuffins by monday something chronic. Cathy is v. happy that her Six outfit worked, and Jackie was smirking terribly on friday in hers.

Also quite small - about 300 people, so more like the old march cons. More relaxed, etc. Far more mature audience (almost definitely down to the subject matter). We were commenting on teh fact that it was 50% newbies and 50% regulars... and then realised the word regulars encompassed the con addicts, who'll turn up to anything if the words 'sci-fi' 'bar' and 'disco' appear in the description, and that the other regulars are in fact all *firefly* regulars. None of the buffy lot.

Amazed at the amount of guests for that few people - mark Shephard, Tahmoh Penikett, Michelle Forbes, Nikki Clyne, James Callis, and surprise guest Katee Sackhoff. Reminded self that Sean loves BSG, L word cons are his money spinner, and he probably wanted it low-key if he's not going to advertise Katee, who he apparently booked at the same time as Nikki.

Everyone fun though a bit serious at times, I'm never going to forgive Katee for the bit about breasts that fire bullets, Tahmoh talked a bit about Dollhouse and Joss, Mark was essentially going 'mwhahaha', Nikki has her own clothes this time and is still adorable, James is hysterical and filthy minded (how to tell someone is living close by - they ask people to be really careful on the roads going back), and Michelle was bouncing over getting to smile for once in True blood. Plus she's got two other projects on the go right now. the photo sessions went smoothly and very quickly (I turned up at stewards saying I'd missed the email and could see my way to volunteering, and then got stuck with 9-3 both days. Bastards. Apparently they'd had bugger volunteers because everyone wanted to see the guests or relax) , and I have best photo evah of me and Tahmoh.

The UK Frakkers are officially insane. Costume competition was... we were gawping. Not one cringeworthy costume. Either they were all really good or there'd been a lot of effort put in even if it didn't quite work (the Lost and something else couple). Anyway. A very awesome Centurion won it (with added Helo who groped its arse), the brothers as Mark 1 Cylon Toasters got third, Luke and Rihanna as new recruits, (one of the guests suggesting they fight it out for best child - Rihanna would win) Jack got second as Nurse!Joker with a scary stalk - and then proceeded to boogie in stupid fashion when collecting his prize. which is even freakier and more Joker-like. Thundercats got best group. they were indeed awesome. So much 'OMG.' Though did giggle slightly when I yelled 'Oi, Snarf!' to get them for a photo when they were lurking to wait to be called for the competition, snarf turned round, and the girl dressed as Cheetara said 'See? You are recognisable.' she proceeded to wear the hat-ears part as a hat the rest of the weekend and we were all going 'So much cooler than a normal hat. Hmm. how warm is it?' Muchos cheesy dancing. And I mean severe cheesy, on levels never seen before due to the 80s night theme on Friday. Including a floor slide. Plus the UK Frakkers leading us in the simplified version of Prince Charming which was rendered awesome by the fact that on the last lap, we were in perfect sync.


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Dec. 15th, 2008 10:08 pm (UTC)
See you at P4; or has the money run out?
Dec. 16th, 2008 10:22 am (UTC)
That sounds amazing. And yay Katee!
Dec. 17th, 2008 09:36 am (UTC)
The Thundercats did indeed look awesome. Not that I was at the Con; I work with Cheetara and she showed me some photos.
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