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and surprisingly. no hangover

Back home from convention on a very cold and rainy weekend. November, did you have to finally kick in *now*?. V. silly, v. fun, rather relaxed - guests gave good value for the most part, Communion was had (Leah Cairns and Luciana assisting his holiness the rev. Johnny Wallet - poor things got fed Rich Tea biscuits for communion wafers, and whisky!cam was screencapped and printed off for sale for charity. The girls were seen going 'oh christ i hope my family doesn't find out'), and partying acheived. Jamie Bamber and James Callis were on fine form - of especial note were James describing the Bridget Jones fight and Jamie's description of revenge on Baltar where he slashed himself, and his comment on the Thistle being a shithole. Both of them bitching about driving down the M4 to get here. Alessandra is v. sweet and funny (plays the very first Cylon in Caprica, and many of the blokes were wailing about the fact that she may be 21 but they feels so dirty about fancying her since she looks 16.) Leah (Racetrack) and Luciana (Kat) were funny and revealing, Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) is classy and awesome, but definitely needs the right questions, and Morena and Sean Maher discussed Firefly, V, and other projects - anyone know much about Human Target? - and as is usual with the Firefly lot, took the piss out of each other. far more on form on sunday as not so hungover and jetlagged.

Costumes-wise, finally submitted to fate and dressed as Rose Tyler on friday for Doctors, Nurses and Companions. Sheer amount of fucking mascara i had to wear... V. few actually in costume, (seems to be a BSG fan trend, but what there was was very cool.) Lots of scrubs, but we had a Dr. Emmett Brown, Voodoo doctors, Dr. Gaius Baltar with added stick-on Six, and a bunch of Grays Anatomy. Emma was objecting mightily due to having to do normal glamorous makeup.

Fancy Dress rather small, but made up for by the fact that all the costumes were damn good. Six and the three Cylon Bears, one Lornette, the Seven Deadly Sins made flesh, Silk Spectre 2 (comic version), Cylon Raider and Viper dogfight, Luke and Rihanna as River and Simon Tam, Dr Horrible. Seven Deadly Sins won best group, Pip got runner up for Silk Spectre, and the brothers won for Cylon Raider and Viper, which everyone absolutely agreed with. all the costumes were good, but some were fucking awesome. Robonica, did Pris from Bladerunner, and got a lot of 'Oh, cool!' or 'gah, thinking - Bladerunner!'. So. Damn. Easy. Why do more people not do this? Also seen : Wild Wild West cowboys, Transformers on holiday, droids, Ghostbusters, Emma in a Regency dress, Richard as a sodding Daggett on a lost weekend (scarring *everyone*), Vincent Kartheiser turning up to help compere the fancy dress dressed as Sean Harry (all the regulars diving for a hug and explaining that pah, you think he's drunk and partying? That is moderate Vincent'), and Jack proposed to Mo. cue all the dancefloor going 'awwww' and everyone taking photos of the happy couple over the rest of the weekend. Jonathan Woodward had set up a confession booth and the Rev. Johnny Wallet took confessions all evening. You should've seen the queue. Oh, and Leah Cairns did full Grease mega mix, laughing herself stupid at the 'tell me who she's seeing shagging now' where the girls yell back 'Your best friend!'

Sunday night, togas. Richard as a space senator called Dong (don't ask), the brothers as Centurion Centurions (helmet on top of Roman tunics and capes), Hermes, Discord (with apple), various tunic-and-toga ensembles, including one we labelled Palestinian due to being a black toga with a white tunic, Pip in the Xena empress outfit, Greek college fraternity, Tamsin as Lucilla from Gladiator, Emma as Horatio Caine (CSI) and Jack in NCIS gear, with added Abby (CSI) - cue lots of posing - Simon winning the prize for most last-minute you've ever seen (not even organised enough to wear a bedsheet. Nicked a tablecloth when he got to the disco), Jimmy as a Pict, and me in Queen Gorgo from 300. Not much recognition for what it was from, but constant 'oh, wow, gorgeous' and 'awesome costume', with three queries on how you make it. 'Really? Ten minutes?' (proud to say i also got my first Slut!look of the weekend in this outfit. Rather amusing since I kept getting 'Heather, you're dressed!' howls all weekend). Jimmy and me did in-character face-off and yelling match with applause, Jono did full eighties duck and cover cop in Jack's gear to Axel F, there was much forensic posing, stealing of socks, and messing with Richard's sash, as well as Richard and me occasionally yelling in each others' faces 'THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!'. Planning to kidnap Fanny's husband, and explained the problem of Frank WHORESWHORESWHORES Miller being a fucking genius graphic designer and draughtsman but a complete misogynist. We also managed to get Tamsin to agree to coming to Discworld. We have witnesses. just before we fell asleep, Taz informed me that if Lena Headey came to T2, i would be getting shanghaied into the fancy dress against my will but we'd be making the hair more accurate. Sadly, it was concluded that we couldn't think of anyone who'd suit the Spartan outfits unless I managed to kidnap Ross from work.

and now, verifying nano (didn't have time to wait for the site on Friday morning - I really should've done in monday) and catching up on the fic and fandom comms...)


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