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food problems

Regularly i get ranted at by my mate jenny about the fact that I'm apparently too picky about my food.

It's not so much picky as several restaurants/cafes we end up in serve the types of food she was raised to like but not the stuff I was. So I end up seeing maybe one or two dishes I like.

Personal tastes, pretty much. The stuff she's rabid about, I can't stand or am completely ambivalent about - I suppose I could eat it, but I wouldn't enjoy it.

Cake shops? almost completely wasted on me. Even before my metabolism changed as a late teen and this stuff started making me physically sick, I was never fond of rich sweet stuff - cream-filled pastries and gateaux (what i mentally class as 'french/austrian/german' due to the sheer range of patisseries I walked past as a child). Half of it had that rich fruit syrup on or in it, (blegh, too sticky, horrible mouthfeel, why would you coat perfectly innocent fresh fruit in it) the rest was coated in powdered sugar or had nuts all over it.

Cheese? I like... mostly hard plain cheese, preferably english, *never* blue - it tastes rotten, and the smell/taste of most soft cheese makes me gag. Quite like ewe's milk cheese, can't stand goats.

This probably has done wonders for my figure, admittedly.

Nuts? on their own and savoury, fine.

Fruit better well bloody be fresh, and *not* mixed with savoury food. Cooked fruit is just wrong. Same for anything that's a sweet and savoury mix. unless it's a fruit-and-spinach/watercress salad, in which case MINE. (though in all cases of nice food, I tend to push it at other people so they can share in the awesome) I will get very pissed off if you removed the seeds.

Lentils? I don't have much against lentils, they're just incredibly boring. One mouthful is enough. jenny has said this about white rice, claiming that brown and red and other rices are so much more interesting. i was raised on good white rice (and no, we're not talking american, which just tastes plastic.). I can quite happily eat vats of the stuff in the same way some people can eat potatoes. It's what my family gives you when you can't stomach anything else. and to quote me and another southeast-asian-cuisine-raised mate, 'brown rice is for poor people'. Seriously. :shudder: it's like eating the cotton-wool type bread you get you used to get in the supermarket.



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Jan. 7th, 2013 11:34 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday
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