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plot and film screenings

writing bunnies doing that thing where they suddenly decide to get off their arse and interrogate a story I've had hanging around the notebooks. Just a short, and no idea if I've got the tone right as it's a fandom I haven't written in before, the characters are ...not ones I connect with easily, and oh christ, it's 90% plot. As Taz has been know to say, 'Heather doesn't *do* plot. Occasionally she starts with one but gets rid of it very quickly as it's a bit icky and her characters don't know what to do with one. Your plots quickly leave on the fastest planes to the nearest non-extradition country.' When I've got a plot I always feel like I've rushed it to make things happen, rather than my usual meandering from scene to scene via dialogue. Pete is advising me to practice writer despotism on the plot as it's fun .

In other news, Taz managed to get tickets to a press screening of Welcome to the Punch - crime thriller starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, David Morrissey and many others. Set in and around the City and Canary Wharf (with one side trip to Iceland), done in glossy expensive action thriller Hong Kong/Tony Scott/Michael Mann style. With absolutely *no* geezers, cabs or red phoneboxes. And it is *fun*, and glossy, and well-acted, and all the plot makes sense (including the corrupt politician motivations and one of the ways they get clues - a really simple trick that means there's no chasing around for clues that makes utter sense in normal everyday life) and there are no holes and was done on a budget of £5m to look like a much more expensive film. Go see. A solid 4 stars.

And. Um. I shook Mark Strong's hand. :wibble: (and bounced across the crowd after the Q&A to interrogate a rather surprised Chris Hewitt (Empire writer, was doing the Q&A) to ask him what the t-shirt he was wearing was. (Jack Kirby Galactacus. we approve) Because that's what you really expect during a glossy press screening with the writer/director, several of the actors, etc. Someone to come up to the film reviewer specifically.)

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