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re-working stuff is problematic

went looking for some supporting character backstory for a fic that ended up (after changing and re-doing and re-inventing) being my nano of Infernal Affairs and MI-13. (couple of years ago, it's on darkisrising). I allude to some of it in one chapter, but it's the later stages. The stuff I'd written was the saga of character and his boyfriend getting together.

Found it a night or so ago and thinking about re-working it for the world that I eventually settled on for nano. (previously I'd never got a satisfying storyline out of it) Problem: nationalities have changed, the outside world has changed, character x disappeared, character Y and Z changed jobs, trust issues changed (x is friends with Y but don't know if they'd ever go clubbing together). Originally this backstory was me doing Notting Hill with an american male film star and a scots werewolf secret agent. With gossip sites and headlines and gagging orders and 'which film star is considered a ladies man allergic to relationships in the US but has a very serious boyfriend in the UK?'. Now climate and gossip sites have changed, the werewolf is still an agent but as he's a bit more focussed on social work and coppers it's not so much 'secret' any more. And the film star is now British. Which definitely changes any 'technically in the closet' issues. And whether the film star is going to have the slightest chance of a regular bodyguard/handler-type.

I still want to re-work it, but cthulhu knows how I'm going to get it to.


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